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A special guest post from Bombshell Author Patricia Dixon

It’s publication day for Anna and I wanted to tell you why this re-launch and the book itself has a very special meaning and place in my heart.

When Betsy rang with the release dates for the French series, my heart flipped over when she told me Anna would be published on 4th June.  

You see, four years ago today, around 7am in the morning, my precious mum passed away. It has always been such a sad day, one we dread which is doubly awful because it’s the day after my daughter’s birthday, and she was the apple of her grandma’s eye.

My mum was my world, my best friend, always there in a crisis, my absolute rock. In 2013, when I told her I was going to write a book, just as she had done throughout my life, Mum cheered me on. Every chapter I wrote was printed off so she could read it hot off the press and the day A Bientôt (that’s what it was called then) was published well, she was so excited and proud of me.

Mum loved the stories of French life, especially the characters and said she wished they were real, a sentiment echoed by readers ever since.

Anna was my debut novel and actually, the first in the series but in its new life it’s book two. I dedicated it to my mum in 2013 and the words at the front remain the same, they always will.

For my mum

Thank you for everything, always and forever.

I wish she was here to see how my career has taken off. Mum would’ve loved to come to my library talks and author events. I console myself with the image of her and my dad, watching over me, maybe taking a seat at the back of the hall or peeping over my shoulder as I sign books.

This is why today is very special for me because not only is Anna having a new lease of life, it feels like a very sad day has turned around. The frown is upside down, and that this launch, on this day, was always meant to be.

The 4th June 2019 is a turning point and is always going to be special now, for a happier reason.

Today is for my mum, Ann.

Anna is released today and is half price for a limited time!