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Amanda James

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Amanda's novels are very much inspired by the best county in the UK, otherwise known as Cornwall. Many of her novels are set there. Something about the wild and windswept scenery of the north coast has often nurtured the seed of an idea, or sparked a thought in her head as she's walked the cliff paths. Though originally from Yorkshire, she sees Cornwall as her spiritual home and feels a strong sense of belonging, especially when by the sea. Amanda mainly writes in the mystery and suspense genre, but loves writing time travel and more general women's fiction too. A story is a story, and if the idea for a good one whispers in her ear, then she has to write it. 

Amanda enjoys walking, reading, watching a good drama or two on TV, and spending far too much time on social media. However, she would argue that social interaction with people from different walks of life enhance her creativity and broaden her life experience. This kind of thing, of course, is crucial for a writer. Others might say that sounds like an excuse, but that's her story and she's sticking to it.